· Discuss the advantages of using each marketing tool at

The health history is a very important part of a health care puzzle. Understanding the family history provides information about diseases that are familial. As you know, genograms are important in determining how diseases affect families, and are pictorial representations of family relationships and medical histories. As mentioned earlier, they are often used to depict common diseases within a family. A genogram allows the user to visualize hereditary patterns and can be useful in identifying repetitive patterns of behavior and to recognize hereditary tendencies.
For this assignment, select a patient from your clinical experience whom you are completing a subjective, objective, assessment, and plan (SOAP) note on and complete a genogram based on his or her family history. If you have not started clinical practice, then select a non-family member and complete a family history on him or her to complete a genogram. Write up the family history and create and save a family genogram in the same document.
To begin, select one (1) of the following healthcare systems that you would like to explore for this unit: Acute care
Next, select an environment/location: Los Angeles, California
Finally, select three (3) marketing tools: Television, Social Media, and Billboard
· Provide a general overview of your select healthcare system.
· Discuss the demographics of your select location.
· Discuss the advantages of using each marketing tool at your healthcare system and location.
· Discuss the disadvantages of using each marketing tool at your healthcare system and location.
· Summarize which marketing tool you would recommend that would yield the highest marketing potential of your select healthcare system and location.
· Be sure to support your assertions with evidence-based research, scholarly articles, and well-supported strategies that support your predictions.
o 3-4 page paper excluding front and back matter (APA standards apply ).
o Internal organizational memorandum.
o Infographic
o PowerPoint presentation for a Board of Directors (10-12 slides; speaker notes as needed to support assertions).
o 7-10 minute public service announcement (using a free online voice recorder such as vocaroo.com)
o Video newscast (using a free online video recorder such as YouTube.com) (e.g., entertainment talk show, television commentary, interview-style, news reporting, etc.).
The use of first person is permitted for this assignment. APA formatting (e.g., title page, conclusion, reference page, etc.) should not be used. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
Although the use of APA formatting is not required for this assignment, proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation are expected.

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