◦Formulate an argument where you either support or challenge

You are the senior technician in an expanding laboratory. You have been using a manual system for managing information and storing data. Your organization is transitioning from the manual process and will be implementing a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). As leader of the transition team, your manager has asked you to recommend a LIMS that would enable the organization to improve efficiency and better serve its customers
. ◦Research two (2) Laboratory Information Management Systems of your choosing. Next, compare and contrast the two (2) LIMS and determine which is most conducive to meeting the needs of your organization. Hypothesize two (2) reasons why the nature of your business would require the specific functions of your chosen LIMS.
•The issue of rising prescription drug costs has garnered a significant amount of discourse in recent years. The Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act (Medicare Part D) established a prescription drug program for Medicare and provided drug coverage for Medicare enrollees. The Act expressly prohibited Medicare from negotiating drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. The lack of negotiations between Medicare and the pharmaceutical companies has been cited as a major factor in the increased costs of prescription drugs for Medicare enrollees. ◦Formulate an argument where you either support or challenge the effectiveness of allowing price negotiations between Medicare and drug manufacturers in order to reduce overall costs. Justify your response.

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