2 pages

2 pages

please i need this in 3 hours 

Conduct an analysis in essay form of the attached article answering the questions…
1.What questions does the article trigger for you?
2.What places in the article are particularly thought-provoking? Why?
3.What is excluded from the argument that may bias its conclusions?
4.What aspects of the text’s data, evidence, and arguments are not persuasive? Why not?
5.What can you observe about the critics perspective or “angle of vision” that the critic does no directly acknowledge?
6.What is questionable about the critics values, beliefs, and assumptions, both stated and unstated?
7.What will you gain by accepting the critics view? What will you lose?
8. What assumptions does the critic make of the readers’ values?
9.Do you feel excluded from the intended audience of this article? If so, how? If not, who might and why? How do these exclusions limit the Article?

-Double Spaced
-12pt Times New Roman

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