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The fictitious company I named my construction Company is Echo’s Contractors:
Option #1: Construction Critique (Your Construction Firm)
At this point, your research and paper should be largely documented and nearly completed. This week, complete a narrative of a minimum four pages that describes:

Project background and scope
Project delivery method and contract type
Project progress
Project bidding and financing process
Resource and material management considerations
The key elements of your proposal (see the Module 5 Portfolio Milestone)

As part of the project progress component, provide a minimum of five photos of the project as it progressed. If you are documenting an in-progress project, try to include at least weekly photos and date them. If the project has been completed, a good source for photos is the contractor’s or owner’s website. If the project has not been started, find photos online that reasonably show the construction means and methods typically used in the type of project you have chosen.
Make sure you describe each of the photos and the construction means and methods shown in each photo and include your observations about the process. Your paper should conform to the

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