8.6 Document for Analysis: Instructions (Obj. 4) Your Task.

  8.6 Document for Analysis: Instructions (Obj. 4)
Your Task. This e-mail message is addressed to one employee,  but it will also be sent to others. List at least five weaknesses. If your instructor directs, revise the message.
To:     Sam Oliver
From:  Alexandra Tutson Cc:
Subject:    Repairs
This message is to let you know that we have recently instituted a new process for all equipment repairs. Effective immediately, we are no lon- ger using the “Equipment Repair Form” that we formerly used. We want to move everyone to an online database system. This new process
will help us repair your equipment faster and keep track of it  better. You will find the new procedure at http://www.BigWebDesk.net. That’s where you log in. You should indicate the kind of repair you need. It may be for AudioVisual, Mac, PC, or Printer. Then you should begin the process of data entry for your specific problem by selecting Create New Ticket. The new ticket should be printed and attached securely to the equipment. Should you have questions or trouble, just call Sylvia at Extension 255. You can also write to her at [email protected]. The warehouse truck driver will pick up and deliver your equipment as we have always done in the past.
Alexandra Tutson, Manager Operations and Facilities [email protected]
(813) 355-3200, Ext. 230

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