Accounting lab homework

myaccounginglab work, and you will have to download the ACL software to your computer.  I have instructions for how to download the software and the assignment that needs to be completed in 10 hours.  


I will send in private message my information for accountinglab log in.  




Requirements for Audit Software Project  and Analysis Assignment


Part 1  Complete two of the three ACL problems (80 points)


7-41 (Chapter 7).

14-35 (Chapter 14), or  

16-36 (Chapter 16) 


See Attachment A for instructions for downloading ACL software and Attachment B for Chapter 11 ACL problem

Part II = Complete one of the following four internet/researh problems

7-1: Use of Audit Software for Fraud   Detection and Data Quality Assurance,  11-1: Global Fraud Survey, 

14:1 – Point of Sales Systems Controls, or 

16-1 – Revenue Recognition

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