Are you a skeptic? |

Are you a skeptic? Refer to figure 1.7 in your text book. Is there a principle of scientific thinking you often use in your life or believe you should use? State the principle from the text book you use or believe is important to use. Describe an everyday experience in which you could use this principle to help you learn about the world. For your everyday experience explain how another person, who does not use the principle, would act. Make your example specific, that is, provide enough detail to show your knowledge about the principle and how it is used.
Formatting instructions
Turn in your paper through the Canvas website for your intro Psychology coursePapers will be checked for plagiarism0.5 – 1 page in lengthText must be double spacedTyped in 12 point “Times New Roman” fontAdditional Information and Hints For Your Paper
Be creative with your example; don’t just adapt one presented in the book.You receive credit in the grading rubric for following simple formatting instructions, and for writing clearly and correctly. These are all good professional skills!For your personal experience, do more than tell your story: Show explicitly how you are applying the information to your own experience.Look over the grading rubric to see how your paper will be evaluated before you write.

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