Assignment 1: 6 Discussion – Stereotyping Based on Race Even

Assignment 1:
6 Discussion – Stereotyping Based on Race
Even among the most well-intentioned and consciously egalitarian people, non-conscious associations about racial or ethnic groups still have a pernicious effect on behavior and attitudes.Please visit and then discuss the following: What is the difference between the terms “race” and “ethnicity?” Had you ever noticed the racial and ethnic stereotypes discussed in the article? Do assumptions tell us anything definite about a categorized individual? How do assumptions and stereotypes affect your behavior toward others? Discuss all three theoretical perspectives on race as described in the readings.
Discussion post instructions:
– Your response should be at least five 5-6 sentence paragraphs
– Complete your posts and response to more than two classmates. Complete original post and peer responses within the discussion time frame and on different days in the week. This allows you and your peers to have a continuation of discussion.
– Write posts that are of sufficient length, relevant and reflect your deep understanding. Please include a question to encourage other students for further discussion. Refer to resources inside and outside the course using accurate APA citation.
– Posts should be encouraging and respective with proper grammar usage.
Assignment 2!
Lesson 7 Writing Assignment – Deviance and Social ControlInstructions 
Use information from this lesson to complete the following writing assignment:
All societies have rules and regulations in place to maintain control and order over their population. Violations of those rules and regulations result in the application of sanctions. Think of a recent time when you used informal negative sanctions. 
    •    What act were you responding to? 

    •    How did your actions affect the deviant person or people? 

    •    How did your reaction help maintain social control?Refer to Chapter 7: Section 7.1 in your open-textbook for information on negative sanctions.
Instructions: Your paper should be two to three double-spaced pages in length, in Arial or Times New Roman, 12 point font size. Save your document as Lastname_lesson7paper.doc Attach and submit your paper to the Lesson 7 Writing Assignment – Social Structure assignment folder. Be sure to reference course materials and other resources correctly. You must cite your sources using APA to receive full credit for this assignment. Check the course Calendar for the due dates.

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