ASSIGNMENT In this assignment you are asked to write a

ASSIGNMENTIn this assignment you are asked to write a three-to-four page progress report to your “client” in which you state how far you have advanced in your research for your final project and provide some information that will appear in your final report.You must mention your subject, the type of final report you are working on, and discuss the research you have done so far.Your progress report should be written in the memo format; it should include at least one visual and provide at least two in-text citations. Your report should also include an outline of the contents of your final project and the list of references that will help you complete it.INSTRUCTIONS:– Submit your assignment in person to your workshop leader at the beginning of the workshop period– Computer-type your report in 12-point Times New Roman font and use true single space.– Provide one-inch margins on the top, bottom, and sides of your documents;NOTE:No content-no grade! Your progress report should contain meaningful research on your selected problem/research question. It should not merely list the parts of your final report that you are working on right now, etc. The quality of your progress report is determined by the quality of your research.EVALUATION CRITERIACONTENT– The information in the progress report is relevant, accurate, ethical, complete for the circumstances described above, and user-friendly.– The report provides an outline of the final report.– The progress report contains at least one visual.– The progress report contains at least two in-text citations.– Borrowed information is correctly documented in APA style.– A professional style adds to the interest, value, and credibility of the progress report.ORGANIZATION– The organization and layout follow standard progress report conventions.– Good sequencing makes the report easy to read.– The student has followed the assignment’s formatting instructions.LANGUAGE USE– The language used is the student’s own.– Sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary are correct.Attachment:- Generic Sample Progress Report.rar

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