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This informational interview is an opportunity for you to gather more material about crime prevention. Before choosing the actual individual you would like to interview, decide what you want to get out of the interview.Brainstorm what kinds of information about crime prevention programs are of particular interest to you. You should conduct research of the program and individual you want to interview.Search the internet and your textbook and look for national and local crime prevention programs.Use your research to support your choice and to develop interview questions.Create a list of 10 questions you would like to ask your interviewee.**Note: These will vary based on what this person does, and you do not need to report on all answers. You may wish to add to this list or change some questions as you get closer to the actual interview in Unit 3, but this will provide you with a solid starting point.Some examples of questions you could ask are as follows:What are the program goals and objectives?Who are the individuals they serve?What are successes they have had within the program?How is the program funded?These are all questions to consider as you decide what you want to gain from the interview.There is to be a Cover Page, an Opening Statement, the ten questions, and a Closing Statement. Also a reference page showing  the researched sources….This is a 2 part assignment part 2 will be avaliable next week…..

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