issues in criminal justice discussion

1)  What is the single most useful and important thing you’ve learned  about current issues in Criminal Justice?2) How do you plan to use what you’ve learned in this class “out there?”This is different from all past similar questions because this time you may consider the class as a total learning experience.  In other words, you may consider the weekly readings, the Discussion Participation, the “mini-lessons,” the Group Project, the other assignments, interaction with your fellow learners and/or the professor, or anything else that relates to the course.  Be substantive, quote sources, really make a case as to why it is of use and why it is important to you – then use the internet to find at least one related scholarly article from an authoritative source that confirms, or disconfirms, any key concepts you may choose.  Upload a copy of the article to your response, or provide a link to the article.I will be grading these questions this week harder than all other Discussion Questions . . . I will be looking for substance, evidence of critical thinking, corroborative evidence, citations, and structure of your argument as to importance and utility.  In other words, what you choose to discuss, in terms of current issues in Criminal Justice, is up to you; how you make your case as to importance and utility is what will be considered for a good score on the final Discussion.

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