Write 150 word response to the question. No title page. Cite and ReferenceIf you lived in an area that was considered to be a high crime area, which model do you think would be more important and why?Question came from post below,Due Process can be defined as the fundamental principle of being treated fairly in all legal matters. It refers to fair treatment for citizens through the judicial system. Due Process affects the crime control models in that it differs with the operation of these models. For example, the crime control models work to repress the criminal activity. The models are concerned with the whole community. Due Process, on the other hand, protects the individual’s rights. It is concerned with the individual. Crime control models believe in arresting, questioning and detaining suspects who may later be found innocent rather than allowing them to remain free (DeLisi, 2015). Due Process, on the other hand, believes that the suspects should remain free until when proven guilty. The relationship between crime control models, Due Process and their impact on the 14th amendment should be improved. Suspects should be treated fairly. A suspect should be investigated without any kind of harassment if need be, they should be free when they are not found guilty (DeLisi, 2015).ReferencesDeLisi, M. (2015). Criminal Justice: balancing crime control and due process. Boston: Springer.

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