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1.  Make specific and general discussion comments that define and differentiate between the inchoate crimes of “attempt, solicitation, and conspiracy.”  Give examples of each of these criminal law key term words. (Answer the question using the textbook and supplement the response by citing outside sources (the web) to expand the textbook information).2.  How does “legal impossibility” differ from “factual impossibility?”  Include how “extraneous factors” can become involved.  Explain by defining each of these key term criminal law words and commenting with general information and conclude the responses with examples of each.3.  Samaha explains that “voluntary abandonment” to commit criminal offenses is treated differently, depending on the respective states.  Explain the premise of voluntary abandonment (just what is it) and the “defense of voluntary abandonment.” What reasons do supporters of voluntary abandonment defenses favor?  Which position would you take if making the decision to allow voluntary abandonment defenses  …. and why would take the position you selected?

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