Business ethics/issues

According to Shaw and Barry, in answering the question “In the case of sexual harassment, who determines what is objectionable or offensive?” the courts have asked what the reasonable woman would find offensive. However there are a number of people who contend that this test is hopelessly vague; who exactly is this so-called reasonable woman?  How would you respond to such a contention and question?  Either criticize or defend the “reasonable woman” test for sexual harassment, and provide some sort of operational test for determining what sorts of behaviors are offensive.
Discrimination occurs at many different levels. For instance, a university that has a limited number of openings for students must use some sort of discriminatory criteria to admit some students and deny other students admissions. This seems unobjectionable. If so, then the question becomes: When are discriminatory practices acceptable and when are they not acceptable and morally objectionable?


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