Business LAW

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Business LAW

Victoria trucker Barry Hart just won the lottery and wishes to start his own trucking business. He quit his job with Ace Express. Ace Express transported dangerous goods such as acids, pesticides and fuel all over British Columbia and Alberta, so its clientele covered both provinces.

Hart has much experience and began looking for a site in Victoria where he could build a transportation complex, consisting of a trucking garage, a cafeteria for the staff he hoped to hire, an office, and a warehouse to store dangerous goods. He also began to contact all the clients of Ace Express in an effort to give their business to him.

Hart has found such a site and with some of his lottery winnings, and pays cash to the seller. He hired an architect and building contractor to design and build the structures. He does not have a business or financial plan, and now finds he is short of funds to complete construction. Hart approached a local bank for financing.

During construction, he found that a bankrupt forestry company owned some rusty fuel containers which contained fuel. With the high price of fuel being what it is, Hart bought a dozen containers and had them placed along the border of his property. During the construction, a worker was injured. As well, the fuel containers leaked onto the neighbour’s property.



  1. What levels of government and what agencies is Hart likely to deal with?

  2. What if the bank will not lend Hart any money?

  3. What can the neighbour do about the fuel leak? What should Hart do?

  4. What can or should Ace Express do about the loss of its customers?


    Answer the questions APA style. write references. No plagiarism

    its business Law course

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