Business Philosophy homework help

The paper is similar to the assignments insofar as it addresses a particular moral issue through the concepts and notions developed during this class. However, the paper must present a more articulated, sophisticated, and nuanced argument, which draws from multiple sources, views, and theories. In effect, students will write 2000 words paper for discussing a moral issues. The final paper should discuss at least TWO sources (e.g., articles, books, book chapters, etc.) that we did not discuss in class.  

The paper will be including:

1.      Moral case (here have some cases we already do it in class, so you should find others.) 

2.      Moral issue(s) at stake (why is this morally relevant?)

3.      Your view: evidence(theories, analysis, paradoxes)

4.      Conclusion(recap)

 Please write good outline (detail, and what do you have in you paper)

 And please use easily level English for this paper (means use easy words)

Here have some Word just let you know what did we learned in class, and what does teacher want in the paper.

Please finish this paper on time. Thank u!


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