Several suspect characteristics are significantly related to the prevalence, frequency, and timing of the first new incident of victimization and recidivism. For instance, the odds of new victimization are 30% to 60% less for each additional year of age. Also, according to the official data, suspects with prior arrests for any offense are from 250% to 330% more likely to commit new acts of intimate partner violence. Unlike the consistent effects for suspect’s age and prior record, the contradictory findings regarding their race in victim interviews and official records present a conundrum for this and subsequent research. From official records, white suspects are less likely to re-offend after the experimental incident.

Search the Internet and/or the library to further your knowledge on this topic. Then write a paper that addresses the following questions:

  • What did the results of Maxwell and Fagan’s study show about the effects of arrest on the reoccurrence of intimate partner violence? How did (or didn’t) their findings differ from other studies that you identified?
  • What policy implications can be taken from the results of Maxwell and Fagan’s study?
  • 2-3 pages
  • apa style

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