Conceptual and Operational Definitions of a Concept of

Conceptual and Operational Definitions of a Concept of Interest within the Context of a Middle Range Nursing Theory Order Description Specific Instructions (Content of Paper) -See AttachmentMy theory is Lenz & Shortridge-Baggetts Theory of Self-Efficacy My Concept is- Diabetes Self ManagementThe description of the middle range theory must include an original source by the Authors of the theory- see my attachments for the book Self-Efficacy in Nursing:Research and Measurement Perspectives By Elizabeth R. Lenz, Lillie M Shortridge-Baggett.2 Original Current sources that use the theory as a framework and involve the concept of interest should be By Registered Nurses (authors) and published within the past 10 years. I have included 2 optional sources in my attachments but feel free to use other sources at your discretion, however I need a soft copy (pdf) format of those sources that you use, so please include those.The title of the paper can be at your discretion, however I was thinking somewhere along the lines of Self-Efficacy of the Diabetic Patient.follow the grading criteria carefully and answer all of the available questions/bullet points.the 1 original source as a reference when describing the theory and the 2 current sources when describing the research involving the concept of interest. Please the questions for each source/article (this is the area worth the most points)

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