create ideas for a prevention or intervention program for

The goal of this Final Assignment is to create ideas for a prevention or intervention program for children ranging in age between prenatal and 3 years old (preschool age). This does not have to be a full-blown program, so don’t make it too difficult.
My objectives are: 1) for you to reflect upon what you learned this semester in terms of what helps and harms development; 2) to think about which target group you would like to help (in improving their early development)
Here are the requirements for your ideas to submit: Target group: which group would you like to focus on and why? For example, pregnant women, low-income families (indicate the age you want to target), teenage parents, infants and young children with developmental disorders (indicate which one), etc. How/wherewould you implement the prevention or intervention program (e.g., in hospitals as a prenatal class, home visits, preschool, etc.). Duration and frequency: how long and how often would you suggest being in contact with the target parents/children? Focus of the program: would this be a prevention or an intervention program? What would be its goal? Which issues/problems would it target? Methods: what would you do with the children/parents? For example, if you propose to do home visits, what would you do during these visits? If you proposed prenatal classes, what would they cover? Expected outcomes: based on what you learned this semester, what do you think the effects of this program would be (as compared to others from the target population who did not receive this program)?

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