Critically analyse the role and power of the Australian

Essay (Media assessment)
Due date:
Monday, Midnight Week 13
2,000 – 2500 words (excluding references)
Instructions : This is a written assignment, students are expected to: Critically analyse the role and power of the Australian media. Its influence and potential impact on culturally safe health care in multicultural Australian society. Please use two media articlesFor the purposes of this assignment, the definition of media is: The main means of mass communication through broadcasting and publishing and the internet (TV, radio, newspapers etc.) that reach or influence people widely.Please note: material including cartoons, posters, health promotion YouTube clips, episodes from TV series , websites or academic journal articles and government publications are not media items unless they are discussed and cited as a media release or news item. The online news journal “The Conversation” is also not permitted.Articles MUST not be older than 2 years
Please note that only one article MAY relate directly or indirectly to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.It is advisable to start thinking about the topic throughout the semester, being alert to media items and collect them before you commence writing the assessment. Please note that the two media items must be drawn from different media sources and whose content links with the concepts explored in the unit. Article approval is not required as your article selection is part of your assessmentThe task includes the following:1. Critical analysis of the role and power of current Australian media.2. Identify the influence of the media in relation to culturally safe care.3. Select two media items one positive (potentially contributes) and one negative (potentially detracts) and investigate how each demonstrates their potential influence on cultural safety in health care. You must have either a hyper linked or attached copies to assignment. If you don’t provide these links or copies, the section with the media item will not be marked.4. Support the arguments in the paper with reference to the academic literature, at least 10 refereed publications published between 2008-2018. You must use at least one reference from the unit readings list5. The paper must be presented in an academic structure (introduction, body, conclusion, references and appendix.Times New Roman 1.5 line spacing. Written in academic English and within the word limit 2000-2500. Submitted via Safe Assign.6. The assignment file name and footer must include the following order: Student’s family name, first name, student number, HSC230 Assessment number (1, 2 or 3)7. Referencing in accordance with APA Version 6.
Media Analyse Please read the attached document which describes how to critically analyse a media item
Framework of Critical anlysis and thinking.pdf
Preparation: Submit the media assessment as one document via Learnline. Submit as a Microsoft Word (doc or docx) format only (no PDF’S allowed). The full text of the media items must be included as Appendix A and Appendix B
Assessment criteria: Click on the Marking criteria above
Example Assessment Please click on the link below for an example of Assignment 3. This is to give you an idea of how and where to start but you are not bound by this example:
You may wish to browse through these two references for ideas on why we look at the media in a health unit. Germov, J., & Freij. M. (2013). Media and health: moral panics, miracles, and medicalisation. In J. Germov (Ed.), Second opinion: introduction to health sociology (5th ed.). (pp.337-355). South Melbourne, Vic: Oxford University Press. Willis, K., & Elmer, S. (2011). Society, culture and health an introduction to sociology for nurses. (2nd ed.). (pp45-65). South Melbourne, Vic: Oxford University Press.

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