Describe how you might lead a counseling group composed of

ASSIGNMENT Watch a movie (The Breakfast Club)/show/video series that involves group development and group theory. View the movie/show/video series from a group process conceptual framework, and submit an analysis which addresses the following: • Apply the stages of group development (Cory et al, 2010 Group Process Stages of Development and or Tuckman’s stages of a group) to the group. Reference specific events in the movie that illustrate the particular stages. Describe how you might lead a counseling group composed of these individuals at each stage of group development. • Describe how the group cohesiveness builds as the group gets to know one another. What activities help the group members bond? As the group leader of a counseling group composed of these individuals, how would you increase the cohesiveness in the group? • Who is the leader in this group and how does he or she emerge through the group’s interactions? Give specific examples of leadership from the film. Your analysis should be a 4-5 pages long Word document. Include specific examples from the movie to respond to each section. Cite class readings and any additional resources utilized in your responses. This is an analysis of Group Development in Movie: 4-5 page academic process paper discussing the “Group Therapy” feature in the following movies integrating text materials and references according to APA format MOVIE: “The Breakfast Club”

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