Describe the intervention for your classmates. Cite your

Describe the intervention for your classmates. Cite your reference.
develop an understanding of the concepts of public health The purpose of this course is to develop an understanding of the concepts of public health as they relate to disaster management. The student will apply Nojis five phases of a disaster to actual public health disaster events during the last 25 years. The course will focus on what preparedness actions are necessary to safeguard the health of citizens and emergency personnel during a disaster event, as well as public health disaster response and investigation. Public health issues in disaster management that are covered include water and food supply disruption and contamination, waste disposal, environmental pollution and infectious disease outbreaks. The basic principles of epidemiology and health surveillance will also be reviewed. Statistical epidemiology will not be covered in this course due to the limited time allotted to give a taste of material which, in its full form does fill an entire masters of its own. The required Textbooks for this course (please see the syllabus): Required: Textbooks: 1. Ciottone, Gregory Disaster Medicine, (2015) ISBN available on line through library. 2. Landesman, Linda Public Health Management of Disasters The Practice Guide, 3rd Edition (2012) ISBN #0-87553-004-4 3. Wisner, B and Adams, J. Environmental Health in Emergencies and Disasters A Practical Guide, (2003) World Health Organization ISBN #9789241545419 4. Koenig and SchultzDisaster Medicine: Comprehensive Principles and Practice, (2011) Cambridge University Press The topic of this week, Wk 8: Managing the Public Health Datastream: Surveillance and Communications THE RESOURCES (Reading Assignments) OF THIS WEEK: (PLEASE USE SOME OF THEM WHEN DOIN G THE ASSIGNMENT OF THIS WEEK): 1. Ciottone chapter 33: Disaster Communications 2. Ciottone chapter 37: Surveillance 3. Landesman chapter 4: Disaster-related Surveillance and Emergency Information Systems 4. Landesman chapter 6: Disaster Communications 5. Wisner chapter 15: Health Promotion and Community Participation Journal articles 1. Shawn Varney, et al. Update on Public Health Surveillance in Emergency Departments. The assignment of this week, Week 8, has only one question, which is: Varney and Hirshon list seven general rationales for providing ED-based public health surveillance. Surveillance is a critical form of communication for public health officials. Choose a real public health outbreak, disaster, or crisis. Provide one example of how any of the concepts described in this paper were actually used to improve public health. Describe the intervention for your classmates. Cite your reference.

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