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ScenarioThroughout this course you will provide information and analysis using a fictitious community hospital Healing Hands located in a suburban community about 15 miles outside of a major metropolitan area. Each week you will complete specific assignments and in the final weeks of this course you will provide a final report detailing your findings.The following scenario will be utilized throughout this course to assist you in completing each weeks assignment:Healing Hands Hospital is an acute care community hospital in a suburb 15 miles outside of a large metropolitan city. The hospital which was founded over 50 years ago is dedicated to serving the local community consisting of working professionals families and retired individuals. It has 320 beds and is comprised of a group of 500 physicians. The hospital has in-patient services for short-stay acute care patients; an in-patient mental health unit; an ambulatory surgical clinic; and specialized units in cancer maternal and child services orthopedics and cardiac care. Healing Hands Hospital serves a community of approximately 500000.Mr. Jeff Magone the new Chief Executive Officer of Healing Hands Hospital recognizes that an important trend in healthcare delivery that is linked to reimbursement is accountable care and integrated delivery models. He has set the goal for the hospital to remain financially viable and increase services and quality of care available to the community served by Healing Hands Hospital. To accomplish this goal Mr. Magone realizes that there are several options to consider such as:Continue to use the scenario to assist you with this assignment.Healing Hands Hospital is anacute care community hospital that serves a suburban community outside of a large city with two competing large academic medical centers.Both Healing Hands Hospital and the academic medical centers have a long history of service to the region but their business and fundamental practices are different.Your manager Ms. Woods Healing Hands’ Chief Operating Officer is part of the Task Force working on the strategic plan for the hospital and needsto understand the fundamental practices of these academic medical centers.You have been asked to research the differences between the services that your organization offers and those of at least one of these academic medical centers. For the purposes of this assignment use the Web to research community hospitals and academic medical centers and select one community hospital and one academic medical center located in the same city or area to representthese two healthcare organizations for the purpose of working on this assignment. You will use the information that you find about these two healthcare organizations for the Individual Project assignments in the remaining weeks of the course culminating in your final project in Week 5. Use the acute-care community hospital to represent Healing Hands Hospital. Thislinkprovides a list of example community hospitals. Choose one and then find an academic medical center located in the same geographic region. Review the Web information on these facilities to complete this assignment.1. Describe the similarities and differences of these organizations in terms of the following:2. Based on your analysis of the data that you present provide your opinion on what would be the main areas of concern if the two organizations were to merge and how they could be overcome.You may include a table for the comparison data but you must describe your evaluation of where there are and are not similarities between the two healthcare organizations and your opinion.Be sure to document your references using APA format. This includes the websites for the two hospitals that you are using for the assignment.Reference:100 Great community Hospitals (2016). Beckers Hospital Review. Retrieved from submit your assignment.For assistance with your assignment please use your text Web resources and all course materials.Other InformationThere is no additional information to display at this time.

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