Economy Game Assignment

Economy Game Assignment

This assignment has to do with Resources that are being used in the game that is played for at least 3 hours.  Answer the following questions in the attachment, which involve Supply and Demand, Resource market, economic rent, etc. 


Please view the attachment for the 3 game selections available to choose from –The Settlers – Rise of an Empire, Tropico 3* or Dune II – The Beginning of a Dynasty.


*If playing Tropico from Gametap, will provide log-in info for this one.


P.S.  This assignment is due in 48 hours, as well. I had it posted earlier this week, but the person that was assigned to it had internet issus and just now told me about it.  If you are able to work within these parameters, send me a handshake agreement.  Thank you and God bless.

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