ETHICS paper

ETHICS paper

CASE STUDY:  For 7 years, Allen Lopez had worked for ExtremeNet, a well-known, global, high-technology company that provides clients with internet services such as e-commerce and Web development, online marketing, strategic planning, and research. Allen was well paid and performed well in a responsible middle-management position, which he found rewarding. However, as ExtremeNet struggled to manage the effects of an economic downturn, Allen became disenchanted with the company’s treatment of lower-level employees, including his own assistant. Among Allen’s concerns were gender and age discrimination during layoffs, as well as changes to personnel policies that he believed treated lower-level employees unfairly. Allen’s frustrations grew after he raised his concerns in vain with his superiors. What he did next put his career in jeopardy. Working at home over several weekends, Allen created and published on the internet a satiric website that inveighed against the abusive management practices of a fictional company that bore a striking resemblance to ExtremeNet. The site gained some notoriety among high-tech websites and in the business press. The vice presidents of ExtremeNet were incensed to learn of the site’s existence and were concerned that the site generated so much traffic and publicity. Although Allen protested that he acted out of a sense of justice and asserted that his creative work was protected by his first amendment rights, this did not prevent the leadership team of ExtremeNet from hastily assembling an emergency meeting to decide whether Allen should be discharged, and whether ExtremeNet should file suit to have his satirical website removed from the Web.


As the leader of ExtremeNet, it is your responsibility to resolve the following questions:

1. Should Allen Lopez be allowed to keep his job with ExtremeNet? Support your answer using ethical theory. 2. Should ExtremeNet attempt a lawsuit to force the removal of this website? Support your answer using ethical theory. 3. How can ExtremeNet’s leadership best respect the rights of Allen Lopez and ExtremeNet? ? Explain the impact of your ethical decision on Allen Lopez and the company. 4. How can ExtremeNet’s leadership best repair the relationship between management and employees while meeting the needs and goals of the company? Demonstrate an understanding of the issues and how to best unify the company to move forward.


Write a 1–2-page decision in which you address the above questions and explain your reasoning. The paper should be double spaced, well organized, and free of errors. Put your Assignment in a Word document. Save it in a location and with a name that will help your instructor identify the Assignment, the course, and you.

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