Explain how the market force you selected is affecting the

SWrite a 35 page executive report that explains how a market force affects the health care industry and describes an associated ethical challenge that could influence management practices. Recommend two strategies to prevent or address the ethical challenge and explain how the strategies maintain compliance with external regulations.For this assessment, suppose you work for a health care organization whose senior leadership strives to make ethical decisions related to ever-changing external forces. As part of the management team, you have been assigned to analyze one of the market forces affecting the health care industry. You need to choose one of the following market forces: Managed care. Caring for aging baby boomers. Integrative medicine.Then you need to choose one segment of the health care system (insurance, reimbursement industry, hospitals, long term care facilities, and so on) to use as the focus of this analysis. For example, you may decide to focus on integrative medicine in long-term care facilities.Review the resources provided and conduct your own research on the topic you have selected. You will need to use current, relevant information and statistics from at least three authoritative resources to support your work. Be sure you also look at regulatory agencies that oversee the topic and health care system segment you selected.Format this assessment as an executive report, following APA guidelines for citations and references. Please be sure you include a title page and a references page.RequirementsIn the executive report you develop for this assessment, be sure you complete the following: Explain how the market force you selected is affecting the health care industry. Include any statistics you found during your research. Describe at least one ethical challenge related to the market force that might influence organizational management practices. Recommend at least two strategies leadership might use to prevent or address the challenge. Consider whether a CSR initiative could help prevent the ethical challenge.Explain how your recommended strategies will maintain compliance with external regulations.

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