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Scenario: 3 pages


A new township has been incorporated. The area of incorporation has had problems in the past with drug and alcohol addiction. You have been contracted because you were a forensic intake officer for the court at a local mental health facility. The town founder would like you to describe the critical steps in getting an addict into a rehabilitation program and, at the same time, giving him or her the maximum chance of post-rehabilitation success. The town founder would like to know what factors would contribute to the success of a program, and what would need to be done in terms of post-residential rehabilitation to keep the addict from returning to drug abuse.


This will be in a 3–5 page white paper submitted to the city council.  You will present your report on the drug as a position paper for approval by the chief and his or her staff.


Your paper should address the following:


Explain the requirement for the appropriate attitude by the drug addict in terms of admitting addiction and requesting help to get well.Describe issues in comparing and contrasting the rehabilitation effort requirements for persons who are addicted to different types of drugs.Also consider issues pertaining to the length of time that the drugs were used.Articulate at least 3 follow-up requirements for addicts who have successfully negotiated the residence treatment program.Evaluate the success rate of most drug rehabilitation programs, and indicate why it is important that they continue to make efforts in rehabilitation.





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