How are human beings defined and described?

You will prepare a presentation using Microsoft® PowerPoint® that explores and describes one nursing theorist. You will choose a nursing theorist from your textbookthat you have not presented in response to your earlier Discussion Board postings.Directions:Your presentation will include:The historical background of the development of the model or framework (1–2 slides).A short description of the theory or model (1–2 slides).The theorist’s name and a discussion of her background, including pertinent experiences in the background of the theorist as a nurse scholar that might have promptedthe development of the theory (1–2 slides).A definition and description of the concepts of the theory, including (3–4 slides):How are human beings defined and described?How is environment defined and described?How is health defined?How are wellness and illness differentiated?How is nursing defined?What is (are) the goal(s) of nursing?The relationship between the theory and the concepts in nursing metaparadigm (1slide) (usually a drawing).Strengths and weaknesses of the model for clinical practice (1–2 slides).The central values and beliefs set forth by the theorist (1–2 slides).An example of use of the theory in your clinical practice (1 slide).Length: 10–16 slides (with a separate reference slide)Speaker Notes Length: 50–100 words for each slide (please include speaker notes on each slide)SubmissionPost your PowerPoint presentation to Doc Sharing for review by classmates and your instructor.Submit your presentation and the reference list (in a separate Word doc) that you used to develop the presentation to the Unit 7 AssignmentDropbox. Be sure to citereferences using APA format.Feel free to discuss your classmates’ PowerPoint presentations among yourselves on the Discussion Board, in conjunction with your weekly Discussion topic.Please use the nursing theorist Florence Nightingale and her works relatedPlease include pictures and a colored theme throughout the presentation

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