How do you define the term (word or concept) of the essay in

ALI 150
C. Stammler
Exploring “Definition” Essays
For each assigned reading do the following for your analytical response:
Note: Your analysis must be TYPED and it is Due the Date the reading is due. (no late work accepted)
A. Read and Annotate the Text
B. Analyze: In your response, include the following information for EACH TITLED TEXT: Title and Author
1. Thesis: What is the PRIMARY DEFINITION?
A. If it is a Direct Thesis, copy it down. (include para)
B. If you could not locate a “Direct Thesis” and thus it is an “Indirect” or implied Thesis; write down what you believe is the thesis of the paper.
C. Answer: Do you agree or disagree with the author’s assertion or definition of the term?
2. Supporting Arguments:
A. What are the main arguments or supporting “definitions”? (there may be several: provide minimum 4)
B. Are these arguments or definitions persuasive? Why or why not?
3. Definition: How do you define the term (word or concept) of the essay in your own words? Write your own defining statement
[example: To me, “word” means……]
4. Vocabulary: Choose 3 new words from the text to learn. Provide the following:
A. Paragraph/line it is found in
B. The definition/ synonym
C. Word family (noun/ adj/ adverb/ verb)- as available
D. An example: use the word in a QUALITY sentence that demonstrates the meaning and your understanding of the word.
5. Critical Thinking: Why is this term important? Consider all aspects: to the text, to you, to various audiences, culturally, socially, globally (write a complete paragraph)
Scoring: 25 points each / Reading Schedule: See course outline

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