How does depression affect people psychologically

For this assignment, you will write a 5-7 page paper (body) on how the brain is impacted by depression?
Requirements for Paper and Presentation:

Review the literature 
Select at least four sources (you can select more): three must be journal articles
For this assignment, I would also encourage you to review videos on YouTube and/or tedtalks
Your presentation should include an overview of the literature regarding your topic, why this information is important to social work, and a reference page. Your creativity is welcomed. 
You will also need to connect your findings to the social, psychological, and biological impact of individuals who have experienced these topics.

You must provide a handout to the class that would be useful in practice.
Possible paper and presentation organization
I. Intro
II. What has research found about this:
a. How does depression affect people biologically
b. How does depression affect people psychologically
c. How does depression affect people socially
III. Why is this important to social work
a. if this a problem what is the treatment?
IV Conclusion

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