How to write an annotation of a term paper?

How to write an annotation of a term paper?

It is worthwhile to immediately understand that the course work consists not only of the main part, it includes content, introduction, conclusion, list of references, conclusions. All this is clearly described in the requirements and the manual at the department. There is also a small detail in the form of an annotation, which is located immediately after the title page. Next, let’s talk about how to properly design this “business card” in order to get the highest score and be remembered by the teacher.annotation of a term paper

What is annotation of a term paper and what effect does it have on the reader?

Annotation to the work – a summary of the work, which fits into several paragraphs. It is better to immediately learn about the structure from a laboratory assistant or teacher, since it differs in different universities. The main purpose is to indicate the innovation and relevance of your work in a couple of sentences. The annotation may contain such information:

  • Theme;
  • Author with the name of the group, faculty;
  • Teacher;
  • Coursework theses;
  • Characteristic with the number of pages, sources and tables.

This part of the work is drawn up on a separate sheet, goes right after the title, below the main text are keywords (about 5-10 pieces). Remember that the abstract should emphasize the peculiarity and novelty of your research, indicate its key points and include key facts. All proposals must be clearly and clearly formulated; you cannot copy parts from the main part.

Questions to be answered:

  • What is the work about? That is, what problems are considered, what are being solved, assessment and analysis, approach;
  • How? That is, methods of solution, research, methodology;
  • What is the structure? That is, the number of chapters, figures, tables and graphs;
  • For whom? That is, who the research is focused on.

The answers should be clear to any reader, even those who are far from the topic. The more accessible the student is to convey information, the higher the value of his work. We recommend focusing on original and interesting facts, it is better to avoid the obvious.

How do I write it?

You can get started with generic introductory sentences, for example:

  • In the course of work, an analysis was carried out.
  • In the course work, methods were considered.

The approximate length of the annotation is about 500 characters or two or three paragraphs. Perhaps this is the main difficulty. After all, it is not easy to fit a lot of useful and basic information into a couple of lines.

Guidelines to follow when writing an annotation for a term paper:

  • Unambiguous words;
  • Short adjectives;
  • Third person verbs;
  • Stable turns of speech.

Since the structure may differ at each university, it is better to ask the head of the training manual in advance. Although any annotation includes the following points:

  • Name;
  • Author information;
  • Manager data;
  • Basic provisions.

annotation of a term paperDo not think that careful and correct execution of the annotation is not necessary. After all, this is the visiting card of your work, which the teacher sees first of all. He may not get to the end of the text, but he will definitely study the second sheet after the title. The content can be completely different, it all depends on the type of research and the subject. The main thing is clear, laconic and new.

Many people forget about the annotation or make it out carelessly. But this is included in the writing standards and may lead to a decrease in the assessment. Therefore, take it seriously, think about what is interesting in your work and how to present information in a nutshell. If you have any questions or difficulties, the teacher will always come to your aid. Be original and concise, and then everything will work out.


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