Human Resure Management: 10 questions, apa format, 250 words a question.

Human Resure Management: 10 questions, apa format, 250 words a question.

Complete the following questions that are found in your textbook and submit them via this week’s assignment:


Please remember to submit all written assignments in accordance with APA writing style and include in text references and bibliography. Sources should NOT be confined to the text. 250 words a question.


(Book used: Human Rsource Management: A strategic Approach 6th edition, William p. Anthony, K. Michele Kacmar, & Pamela L. Perrewe)


Chapter 4

(Case:  Polaroid-A Hard Landing)


1,  What had been Polaroid’s overall growth strategy?  How did this affect its HR Planning and strategy?


2.  Whose fault is it when employment declines, as it did at Polaroid?  What responsibility, if any, do operational employees have?


3.  Why would employees work virtually around the clock as they did in the early days of Polaroid?


4.  What type of HR plan would you develop for Polaroid today?


5.  What other companies do you know of that failed to mature to other growth stages with new products after the initial product played out?  What causes this to happen?


Chapter 5

(Case:  An example of Subtle and Not-So-Subtle Discrimination in the workplace-Whose Responsibility?)


1.  What are some of the ways in which the not-so blatant discrimination felt by this employee affected the success of the organization?


2.  How do you feel about the statement that HR deals with problem, not the cause of the problem?  How could HR actually deal with cause?


3.  Can you describe a situation in which you felt no so blatantly discriminated against?  What was the outcome of the situation?


4.  What suggestions do you have for this company for implementing a diversity plan that will be effective?


5. Do you think the employee who wrote this essay was simply overreacting?  Why or why not?

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