I am referring to the presumption that nothing we have

I am referring to the presumption that nothing we have looked at this term was created in a vacuum, and furthermore, each work contains certain plot points, tropes, characters, settings, and themes that have been explored in previous works (Short Stories, Novels, Films, Theater, Myth, Religion, etc.) or are based upon supposedly true events. Using the library and library database, Google Scholar, and other academic search engines, you are to find 3 sources that illustrate the link between the major work you have chosen and its historical context. Furthermore, you are to incorporate these sources using MLA format in a 5 page essay that makes a specific point about the work you are analyzing–a thesis.
the topic is :
●  Turning the White Savior Trope on its head in relation of Get Out.
Your work in this assignment should not involve a “should” thesis, but instead, an “is” thesis, becau own ideas. I am expecting the following:
• A clear thesis• A clear thesis statement in your introduction• 3 Relevant Academic sources, properly utilized and placed.• Topic sentences that are followed by analysis and evidence• Body paragraphs that incorporate effectively quoted material from the texts 
• Demonstration of your efforts in investigating these texts• A conclusion that attempts to distill your analysis• A clear attempt at using MLA format citations and layout

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