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Topic 1, Chapters 1 & 2: Introduction and Biological Beginnings
Critical Thinking essay questions
There are two parts to the Critical Thinking essay assignment. Each part is worth 10 points. You must
have a minimum of 250 words for each part when you have completed the assignment. Please use
12-point font. Check your grammar and spelling – it matters!
Make sure you write your answers in
Your own words
Chapter 2
One of your friends recently confided in you that she is pregnant. She knows you’re taking a class in
life-span development and asks for your advice about childbirth. Specifically, she wants to know what
she can expect during childbirth, and what her options are. What would you tell her about the three
stages of birth, possible complications, available pain-medications, and the various childbirth
strategies that are available to her? What advice would you have for her to ensure a safe and healthy

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