identify a minimum of three appropriate work group

Essay question- write a response to the following quote from unlimited sustainable development solutions
Organisations today are being asked to address an increasingly complex set of environmental issues. As noted in the quote:‘Sustainability is achieved when we understand the economic, environmental and social consequences of our actions and make deliberate choices that allow all people to lead healthy, productive and enjoyable lives.’
Your response should include a discussion of;Complex environmental issuesMethods of measuring an organisation’s environmental impactMethods of managing an organisation’s environmental impactMethods of reducing an organisation’s environmental impact
Project 2You are the supervisor of a group of 15 worker in a business involved in an industry of your choice (forexampke manufacturing, finance, customer service, education, health etc). You have been asked to plan and organise a number of work group activities in relations to measuring current resource use and devising strategies to improve usage.1 identify a minimum of three appropriate work group activities and provide an pverview of what is involved in each activity.2 develop a plan to monitor resource use and improvement for environmental performance as a result of the activities undertaken bu your work group.

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