Instructions The goal of this assignment is to assess your

Instructions The goal of this assignment is to assess your understanding of some of the ideas we have discussed in the Cyborgs and Robots section of the course. The essay you write to answer the question below should be between 900 and 950 words in length. Include your essay word count at the bottom of your essay. Essays should be written in formal English with citations (footnotes). You may wish to review Kimberly Chapman’s “How to Write an Essay” (Blackboard, Resources, General). Please proofread your essay carefully for grammar, style, and syntax, and follow the Department of History Citation Style Sheet, available at: You may also use the Chicago-Turabian Style Sheet PDF and the link to the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) for additional help with your footnotes. QUESTIONS The mechanization of labor that has occurred over the last 150 years is now culminating in what seems to be a new phase, the rise of the robot In your first essay for our class, I want you to grapple with the implications of what our robot future might mean. The essay should address the advantages that robotization offers (the techno-optimist position) and the concerns such a future might bring (the techno-pessimist position). To bring a different perspective to your discussion chose a type of robot (perhaps the sewing robot) and analyze its potential impact using Allenby and Sarewitzs levels of technology. Remember, this is a prompt for writing. Your essay must cover all the points discussed in the prompt but you have freedom to decide how you would like to do so. Any arguments you present MUST be supported by credible sources.

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