International Banking




the first attachment is the assignment required to be done. there are 3 tasks to be done for 3 students iam the student doing the second task. please only do the second task where it says a second graduate student should argue in favor of universal banking.








Your essay must comprise three parts:




  1. One graduate student should review the terms of the Volcker rule, Vickers proposal, Liikanen and other recent European initiatives;




2. A second graduate student should argue in favour of universal banking;




3. A third graduate student should critically evaluate the Basel 3 requirements on bank capital proposals for large banks to face a “capital charge”. 




I have attached some reading materials.


please do the following


  1. read the assignment carefully and the follow the instructions.
  2. write around 1000 words exluding the refrences.
  3. refrence academic journels.
  4. please no copy paste and/or any type of plaigrism.
  5. to be completed before Friday the 14th of November.


thank you very much





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