Jean is a 55-year-old woman. She has previously been

Jean is a 55-year-old woman. She has previously been diagnosed with a chronic condition and recently experienced an exacerbation of symptoms. Jean does not like attending the hospital as she has states that everyone is in a rush that no one really listens to her, she is concerned about the lack of privacy when clinical staff discuss her condition and worries if an appropriate care plan has been made that will support her health on discharge. Jean is taking regular medication although she confides that it is sometimes difficult to remember her medication particularly when she is feeling unwell.Jean describes her marriage of 36 years as fairly happy she enjoys her children and grandchildren. Jean smokes ten cigarettes a day she knows this is not good however finds it difficult to quit as her husband also smokes. Jean had noticed some weight gain over the years regardless she was embarrassed at her last clinic visit when the nurse had suggested a weight management plan. During the week dinner mainly consists of takeaway with a few fruits and vegetables. She does not drink alcohol, however, has six cans of soft drink a day. On the weekend Jean has the family over as she cooks a traditional meal and they socialise.

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