MGT723 : Research Project – Greenhouse Gas performance –

MGT723 : Research Project – Greenhouse Gas performance –  Management Assignment
This research question may relate to voluntary disclosure or some aspect of Greenhouse Gas performance (such as a reduction in emissions). A list of the data that will be available has been added to the assessment tab.
The research proposal is to find a good, recent journal article that uses the CDP data to test the theory that you have been assigned. Read the article (particularly the introduction, literature review, and hypothesis development, conclusions and opportunities for further research, again and again until you fully understand it.
For Mgt723 this will include creating a diagram with the theoretical constructs, the operational proxies, labelled according to Dependent, Independent, and Control (or moderating, or mediating) variables, and showing the relationships between the variables with arrows. When you understand that article very well you should then be able to identify an extension or replication of that research that will be the basis for your research project .

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