Need help with a GEO – Assignment of Week 7 using the

Using the weather map given:

Fill in the data table provided based on the weather map. For “Current Weather,” use the data provided in the chart to determine the current conditions for each station.
Create the warm and cold fronts on the Weather Map. While this map will not need to be turned in, it will assist you in filling out the information in the data table.
Based on the weather scenario in this lab assignment, predict what tomorrow’s weather will be at the locations listed below if the system continues due east at 300 miles/day. Be sure to include wind direction, temperature, cloud cover and precipitation in your forecast.  The position of the warm and cold fronts will help you with this.


Bangor, MEBirmingham, ALDallas, TXDenver, COJacksonville, FLLouisville, KYMinneapolis, MNNew York, NYPittsburgh, PA


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