Neuroscience essay: Synaptic Plasticity

Neuroscience essay: Synaptic Plasticity

This is a scientific essay! Only for tutors with Neuroscience background or someone who can write a scientific essay.

Please refer to these scientific papers

Instructions on how to write your essay. 

The paper has to meet the following criteria:

The text should be a review of minimal 1500 and maximal 2500 words, covering the topic of synaptic plasticity.

The review should include the following sections:   introduction, main part of text , conclusion, and references.

  1. The first part is the introduction. Start with a heading: Introduction.  The introduction outlines the overall background of the topic, provides relevant information and logically leads to the aim of the paper, which should be at the end of this section.  No further text should follow the aim of the paper. The introduction is limited to max 300 words.
  2. The second section of the paper, the main text, starts without a general heading like Results or Discussion. You should organize the main text by using headings and subheadings that help the reader to a structured reading and make it easy to grasp the logic of your review paper.
  3. The main text is followed by a section for which you use the heading: Conclusion. In this section you describe the main conclusions of the paper. This section should not include further discussion of the data and should not include references.
  4.  At the end of your paper, you should provide a list of references (Note: The list is not included in the word count). Use the heading: References for this part. Use Vancouver style.

i. Citations in the reference list are listed in the order they appear in the text, starting with number 1 (see also ii) Use abbreviated journal names as provided in PubMed.

In case of journal publications use the following format:

1. Author A, Author B, Author, C (2010) Writing of a scientific essay. J Imaginat.  5:57-63.

In case of a book chapter or a book:

2. Author A (2010) Writing of a scientific essay. In: How to write and publish a paper. A. Author, B. Author, editors. Publisher, city, country, pp 5-11.

3. Author B (2010) How to write and publish a paper. Publisher, city, country.

ii. In your text, refer to a publication by using a number in super script, in the order they appear in the paper.  For example:


The development of the entorhinal-hippocampal region continues well into postnatal life. While entorhinal-hippocampal principal neurons and interconnections are present during the late embryonic stages of development in the rat1-5, over 80% of the granule cells in the dentate gyrus are born postnatally2 and interneurons generally reach their final position only at the end of the second postnatal week6. Hippocampal dendrites continue to arborize and form synapses for several weeks after birth3,7-9, GABAergic synapses remain excitatory for about two weeks10,11, and the rhythmic network activity typical of the adult hippocampus appears only at the end of the second week12.

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