New Century Health Clinic Case Study Questions for Chapter

I have done pretty good with all of the previous New CenturyHealth Clinic Case Study problems up to this point. But the Chapter10 case study questions have mestumped. Has anyone used this bookand answered these questions before? If so, I could use the helpand guidance. The situation and questions are lengthy, so I’llnotpost them here. But if someone needs them, I will take the time totype them later.Thanks in advance.Edit:Question details are as follows:1. Plan the testing required for the system. You shouldconsider unit, integration, and system testing in your test planand determine who should participate in thetesting. Also designthe test data that you will use. Prepare a structure chart thatshows the main program functions for the New Century system.2. You have asked Anita Davenport, New Century’s officemanager, to contribute to the user manual for the insurance system.She suggested that you include a sectionof FAQs, which you alsocould include in the online documentation. Prepare 10 FAQs andanswers for use in the printed user manual and context-sensitiveHelp screens.Also, identify the specific people who will requiretraining on the new system. Describe the type and level of trainingyou recommend for each person or group.3. Recommend a changeover method for New Century’s system andjustify your recommendation. If you suggest phased operation orpilot operation, specify the order inwhich you would implement themodules or how you would select a pilot workstation orlocation.4. Should the associates perform a post-implementationevaluation? If an assessment is done, who should perform it? Whatoptions are available and which would yourecommend?Any help and guidance with these questions would be greatlyappreciated.

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