Objective: For this research paper students must select a

Objective: For this research paper students must select a research topic of their choice. All topics must be related to a topic you have learned about in this class and must have taken place after 1600 C.E. All students are required to submit a paper proposal detailing the topic they wish to research. For all due dates (proposal and research paper) be sure to visit the detailed course schedule. Your proposal should be one paragraph long and should be a broad description of what you plan on writing about. The proposal is not graded but is required (I will not accept any papers from students who neglect to complete the proposal.) I will provide feedback to you regarding your topic and will either approve or deny your proposal.
When thinking up topic ideas, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.
Is there an ample amount of information about this research paper topic? Enough that I can use at least three different sources? Note: You want to try to avoid very recent subjects, like new medical advancements, or breakthroughs in a certain field, as there will not be enough information for an entire research topic.
Does the research paper topic encourage research in the number and types of sources required by the assignment? Keep in mind students are required to incorporate 2 peer-reviewed sources as well as a maximum of two (2) internet sources.
Is the research paper topic something I can find solid evidence for or against, and reach a defendable conclusion based on this evidence? Note: This means that you have to try and steer clear of topics based purely on belief and opinion, such as why girls are superior to boys at kick ball, or why Bob Dylan is the best singer ever. These are considered opinions.
Is the topic too broad or too narrow for the required number of pages, and the length of time I have to complete the assignment? Note: How do you judge if a topic is too broad or too narrow? Start in the library. If you can find several books on the same thing you plan to write your paper on, then chances are the topic is too broad. If, however, you have a hard time finding a few references to your topic in the library, then it might be too narrow. Ask yourself questions about your topic until you either bring it down to manageable size, or make it bigger according to your needs.

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