Organizational Analysis Roseland Community Hospital Chicago,

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Assignment Instructions and Rubric:  
Assignment instructions and rubric for Organizational Analysis paperDownload Assignment instructions and rubric for Organizational Analysis paper
Assignment instruction:  Although a minimum of 5 peer reviewed references are required for this assignment, that does not mean only five (5) references should be present.  Five is the minimum for Peer Reviewed references however, appropriate areas of the discussion must be cited and referenced.  Other sources in addition to peer reviewed sources are expected to be used to support the discussion. 
Can’t find the Community Health Needs assessment for a not-for-profit facility? Look at other information available on the site and summarize what you can and note the report is not readily available. Interestingly, the report is required every 3 years and should be available but you may find the facility you are reviewing is out of compliance. to an external site.
Tip 2:  Sometimes hospitals change ownership and the link provided in the spreadsheet may no longer be current.  Please do not contact the facility for clarification;  use the best information you can find and note you have identified the change of ownership in your discussion of the facility. For example: We recently learned that Baylor Scott & White is no longer part of the White Rock Medical Center in Texas.
Please note:  sometimes links located in the rubric are not working correctly.  To assist students the links are duplicated below this message.
Links found in the rubric: 
Hospital Compare:
CMS Hospital CompareLinks to an external site.
Baldridge Awards: to an external site.
Conditions of Participation complaints: 
Conditions of Participation complaintsLinks to an external site.
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