Physics II – Photons

Physics II – Photons



Please see homework below, each problem must follow the Structured Problem Solving format (see attached document) and be complete in Microsoft Words:


50.  A 1.0-mW laser with a 405-nm wavelength illuminate a sodium target. If 1 in 105 incident photons generates a photoelectrons. What is the photocurrent?


51.  In an experiment to measure Planck’s constant, a metal target is illuminated with ultraviolet light. When the wavelength is 300nm, the measured stopping potential is 1.10 V. When the wavelength is changed to 200 nm, the stopping potential becomes 3.06 V. (a) what value does this experiment yield for Planck’s constants? What is the percent error for the accepted value of h? (b) Using the experimental value of h, find the threshold frequency and work function for this metal.



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