Here are some: vast or large vs small republics; how is tyranny best controlled (via centralized or decentralized power); does the constitution adequately protect the rights of states and individuals (unamended, with no bill of rights); which group was the most ‘prophetic’ about the future of american politics in your view; does the national government institutions (president or congress or courts) create a central government that is too powerful?
For this week, read the following:

•       Read Anti-Federalist Papers: Patrick Henry’s Speech (June 5, 1788)

•       Read Anti-Federalist Papers Centinel 1:

Brutus 1:

Read Federalist Papers 47 and 84

•       Read Anti-Federalist Papers John Dewitt II:

•       Read Federalist Papers 10, 14, 15, 45, and 51

All the federalist papers can be found here:

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