Project Title: Netwatch security Advisor: TBA Background:

Project Title: Netwatch security Advisor: TBA Background: This project is being undertaken to help and improve information security within the industry of entertainment. Company A has launched a new service called Netwatch, which is a service customers pay for in order to watch the latest Movies and TV shows. Objectives: Due to the large demand the company has requested for a team of network security engineers to ensure their network is secure and all the data streamed through the network is safe at all times. With projects like this we also encounter issues. The largest issues and problems that we may face by this project is the large amount of customer confidential information that must be kept secured. Not only that, we may have issues in regards to time demand and implementation of network. Deliverables: ? Building a system that can handle even the most intense security features ? Ensuring active directory and the webserver running the service, is configured in such a way that things like DDOS attacks, Password attacks, etc. are impossible ? Allow users to browse through the service selecting any movie or TV series they would like to watch without the worry of the system shutting down or their user account information to be taken including mobile number, email address, password, bank account details and so on

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