Rogerian Method of Argumentation This forum has two

Rogerian Method of ArgumentationThis forum has two parts.Recall the two presidential speeches that were given by both President Obama and President Regan, respectively. Note that these two presidents used the Rogerian method of argumentation to not only win over those who agreed with their viewpoints, but also to win over those who held different views.Think about a national or international issue that matters to you and write your own speech for that issue, using the Rogerian style of argumentation. How would you win over the other side? You don’t need to use citations, but please do not create statistics or ‘facts.’…………..Answer Preview……………
Same-sex Marriages should be illegalized
I thank you all for coming here tonight even with a storm warning. It only shows that we are all in support of what is right in this country. We are all here to make a standing decision on the issue at hand; same sex marriage should be illegalized in America. America was built on a principle that all men are equal, Republicans and Democratic, black and white, disabled and not disabled. In a country that was built on the principle of equality, this country……………….APA299 Words Added to cart

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