Final Project: (Objectives 1 – 8) (30% of final grade)



Consent Decree: Please Read Instructions Carefully


  1. General requirements:
    1. Minimum of 7 full pages, double spaced pages (12 font) of narrative text, not including the cover, graphics or reference list. Must have In text citations, NO PLAGIARISM
    2. Reference list citing sources, using APA citation format. A minimum of 2 sources should be obtained from the UMUC library resources. In addition to the textbook, additional creditable, citable sources should support your assessments and/or comments.
  2. Review of the decree:

    Background of the operational/administrative conditions which led to the decree

    Findings of the Department of Justice

    Compliance requirements

  3. Comment on the pre-existing policies/procedures of the jurisdiction which you believe facilitated or allowed the focus issue of the decree to occur.
  4. Comment on the propensity for these policies/procedures to exist in other jurisdictions.
  5. Identify the “injured “parties whose rights, persons or property suffered from the policies/procedures of the jurisdiction.
  6. Identify the changes that will be required in order for the jurisdiction to comply with the decree.
  7. Identify the (potential) success of the jurisdiction to meet the requirements in the long and short term.
  8. Identify the steps/changes required of the jurisdiction’s administration to ensure future decrees in a different focus area are avoided.

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