Select an historical nursing figure that interests you. Your

Select an historical nursing figure that interests you. Your interest might be related to the period of time in history that they lived, their particular field of interest, or their special accomplishments.2. To learn more about this person you must complete a literature search. To accomplish this you may use the library data base: e.g. CINAHL Type in keyword and find 3-5 articles scholarly sources (books, articles, or professional website) published within the past 6 years. Websites must be from sponsoring professional organizations in nursing. Reference list and citations must be in APA format3. Write an outline to follow. Here are the general categories to help you organize your thoughts:a. General introduction of the individual and the area of interest or particular accomplishment that you plan to discussb. The purpose of the paper, clearly state what you intent to accomplish through this paperc. The body of the paper (middle) includes:i. Major points you want to make about the individual, the specific accomplishment/s of the individual, their contribution to changes in health care, healthcare systems, and/or social justice. Be sure that each point is supported by the literature and referenced using APA format.ii. Your reflection of the impact of this person on your perception of nursing particularly new ideas related to your role as a nurse.iii. Examine your values and beliefs in relation to those of the historical leader or theorist, any similarities in nursing metaparadigm, and implications for nursing practice How are the similar? Why did you choose him/her?d. The conclusion: A summary of your main points4. You must use APA format5. Make sure that you includea. A title pageb. A running headc. Page numbersd. Citations in the body of your paper to avoid plagiarisme. A reference list.

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